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Boelie's Bites Large 25Kg

R 560

Boelie’s Bites has been specially formulated to suit the nutritional requirements of all adult dogs, small or large because the typical South African family owns a few Boelies, and it is so much more convenient to be able to feed the same food to all!
We guarantee full traceability of our products due to our short supply chain, ensuring a safe and transparent journey all the way to your dog’s bowl, at an affordable cost.

- Karoo ostrich oil
- Rich in omega 3 & 6, which are essential fatty acids, so important for the immune system
- No artificial colourants & flavourants
- Safer for your dog, we include no synthetic ingredient to enhance colour or taste, for a more natural taste.
- Vitamins & minerals
- Essential for an active metabolism, keeping your dog in the best shape
- Steam cooked
- Steam cooked to preserve taste & nutritional goodness
- Ideal for multiple dogs family
- Boelie’s Bites formulation of balanced for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes so that you don’t have to worry about which one of your Boelie eats her brother’s food.
- Strong muscles and alert on duty:
- With 22% protein and 10% fat, your Boelies will have more than enough protein and energy to build up and maintain strong muscles, play, be active and alert on duty when it is time to guard your house.
- Pork free

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