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Bravecto Spot on for Dogs

R 270 - R 585
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Bravecto provides long-lasting flea and tick protection in a single treatment. Bravecto breaks the flea life cycle by killing fleas before they can lay viable eggs, providing excellent control of flea infestations.

Bravecto is an ideal flea and tick treatment for your dog because:

  • It works —  providing long-lasting flea and tick protection in a single treatment.
  • It’s safe for dogs including breeding, pregnant, lactating dogs and ‘ivermectin sensitive’ Collies.
  • Bravecto is approved for the treatment and control of sarcoptic mange and ear mites+.
  • It’s a great choice for dogs with flea allergy dermatitis (FAD).
  • Bravecto’s active ingredient belongs to a new class of anti-parasiticide compounds, so there is no known flea or tick resistance to it – making protection worry-free.
  • SPOT-ON – 6 months flea and 4 months tick protection for dogs in one spot-on.

How to apply Bravecto spot-on:

Step one:

Remove Bravecto from its child-safe packaging

Step two:

Hold the tube straight up and give the cap one twist to break the seal

Step three:

Ensure the animals back is horizontal. Part the hair and apply directly to the skin

Step four:

For very small dogs, apply in two spots. For Medium sized dogs, apply in three spots. For large and very large dogs, apply in four spots along the back.

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Weight0.5 kg
Breed SizeGiant, Large, Medium, Miniature, Small
Dog Weight10 kg – 20 kg, 2 kg – 4.5 kg, 20 kg – 40 kg, 4.5 kg – 10 kg, 40 kg – 56 kg
Life StageSenior Dog, Adult Dog, Puppy
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