Breeder's Recipe Gluten Free Adult Ostrich 8kg picture

Breeder's Recipe Gluten Free Adult Ostrich 8kg

R 340

Resealable Ziplock plastic bag for keeping your dog's food fresher for longer

Completely balanced formula for all adult dogs. 

Dogs are prone to become gluten intolerant and exhibit allergy-like
symptoms when consuming wheat-containing products, such as:

- Itching
- Eczema
- Poor coat
- Secondary skin infection due to irritation

Breeder's Recipe Gluten Free Dog Food offers a gluten-free alternative your dog will love.

Our list of ingredients:

  • ​Gluten Free cereal
  • Rice
  • Derivatives of vegetable origin
  • Derivatives of meat and animal origin
  • Enhanced Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Vitamin & Mineral Premix
  • Approved Antioxidants

Our products DOES NOT contain soya, Fish meal or artificial ingredients

Composition g/Kg

Crude Protein (min)  220g

Moisture (max) 100g

Crude Fat (min)  90g

Crude Fibre (max) 40g

Crude Ash (max) 70g

Phosphorous (min) 9g

Linoleic Acid (min) 12g

Calcium: 1.4g

Ca:P ratio:  1.1-1.5 : 1

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