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Eco-Vet Eco-Travel 50ml

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Eco-Travel is effective in assisting animals to cope with stressful situations especially associated with being transported. Associated symptoms such as nervousness at shows is also relieved with this remedy. This product is therefore of use during thunderstorms and firework displays. Works best if three doses are given over a period of twelve hours before the shock is expected. Eco-Travel is of assistance to an animal to recover following an unexpected stress situation where dosing should be repeated three times at thirty-minute intervals.

This is an oral homoeopathic remedy for the relief of travel sickness in animals. It is indicated for:

  • Travel sickness and recent vomiting
  • Anaesthesia – to prepare for and to assist in recovery from anaesthesia
  • Antisocial behaviour, excitement, hyperactive behaviour, nervousness, restlessness
  • Anxiety, digestive upsets, noise sensitivity, performance tension, sleeplessness
  • Basketing of racing pigeons
  • Fears: crowds, dark, other animals, racing, showing, sudden noise, thunder, travel, veterinary clinics
  • Performance tension, showing anxiety and tension
  • Stress: symptoms of edginess, excitability, irritability, moodiness, restlessness

What is Eco-Vet Eco-Travel?

It is a herbal remedy that treats  travel sickness, stress, shock, fear and tension in all animals

Why should I buy this product?

If you like to travel with your pet, or if your pet suffers from any form of stress or shock, this is definitely the product that will help you and your baby.

What makes Eco-Vet different from other herbal remedy brands?

Eco-Vet is a breakthrough in alternative medicines for animals. Over 16 years of experience and testimonials can prove this. Eco-Vet products are simple to use, easy to understand and effective in dealing with desperate situations that conventional treatment cannot cure. Eco-Vet products are gentle on animals and can be administered with little effort.

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