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Ken-L Chicken Cat Food

R 75 - R 145

Ken-L Chicken Cat Food is a complete and balanced adult cat food is suitable for all breeds. Give your cat tasty food that is proudly produced in South Africa.

Key Features:

  • Calcium to help promote healthy bones and teeth
  • Taurine for a healthy heart and clear eye vision
  • Iron for healthy blood


Cereal*, meat & animal derivatives, plant protein concentrates, oils & fats, derivatives of vegetable origin, palatability enhancer, essential minerals and vitamins, yeast, taurine, flavourant and approved anti-oxidants (*May contain GMO).


Crude protein 260 

Moisture 100 

Total fat 80 

Crude fibre 40 

Crude ash 80 

Calcium 8 

Phosphorus 7 

Taurine 1.05 

Iron 0.08

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