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Lionel's Choice Adult Dog 20kg

R 524

Lionel's Choice Adult Dog Food is carefully composed of a high percentage of poultry meal and rice – rich in protein, good for any growing puppy. Your puppy will enjoy every last pellet of our puppy formula.


added sugar

fish and soya protein

artificial colourants

artificial palatants


Whole Ground Corn, Low Ash Poultry Meal, Prime Corn Gluten, Rice, Canola Seed Meal, Fat & Oil Blend (Beef Tallow, Chicken Fat, Canola Oil (3), Sunflower Oil and Soybean Oil), Oat Bran, Wheat Bran, Poultry Plasma Protein, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Phosphate, Natural Palatant, Potassium Carbonate,

Sodium Chloride, Chicory Fibre (1), Chestnut Extract (2), Rooibos (2), Butyrate (1), Approved Vitamins and Minerals


(1) with Chicory providing prebiotics along with added Butyrate helping to support gut health and digestive function

(2) with Rooibos and Chestnut Antioxidants to help maintain cellular integrity and maintain immune function in a natural way

(3) Canola Oil represents at least 20% of our blend of oils and fats to ensure the right amount of Omega 3 Fatty Acids for your dog’s skin and coat health

(4) Essential amino acids provided by quality animal proteins support muscle maintenance and functioning

(5) Ideal Calcium to Phosphorous ratio along with trace minerals support healthy teeth



Protein200 (min)
Moisture100 (max)
Oils and Fats100 (min)
Fibre45 (max)
Ash60 (max)
Ca:P Ratio1,5 – 2:1
Phosphorous8 (min)
Linoleic Acid15 (min)
Omega 6:3 ratio5 – 10:1
Vitamin A12,000 IU (min)
Vitamin E75 IU (min)
*Expressed on an “as fed basis”
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