Nutrimed Maxi Joint picture
Nutrimed Maxi Joint picture
Nutrimed Maxi Joint picture

Nutrimed Maxi Joint

R 420 - R 1,480

A nutritional aid that contains over 6 actives for the management of all joint and cartilage-related conditions in dogs and cats. May prevent early DJD and also helps to lubricate joints for better mobility.


Made of chicken cartilage, chondroitin sulphate is a great "joint-building block" & helps build up new cartilage in the joints.


A world-renowned, joint care supplement that may lubricate & repair joint cartilage. Eases pain & inflamation.

Green Lipped Mussel Extract

Green Lipped or Shelled Mussel extract is a very potent anti-inflammatory. Relieves joint pain & inflammation

Omega IT

Our in-house cold-water fishoil blend for increased Omega 3 to help soothe & lubricate joints whilst keeping skin & coat in excellent condition. Supplies important digestible fats & oils.

Curcumin Extract

Pure Curcumin extract isused as a potent anti inflammatory that is highly absorbed (bioavailable) and helps with relieving pain & discomfort.

Collagen Type II

Even at low doses, Hydrolysed Collagen TypeII assists in joint lubrication, preventing degeneration & reducing inflammation.

Manganese amino acid chelate

Manganese amino acid chelate helps the body absorb & transport actives throughout the body.

Suitable for dogs and cats.

Feeding Instructions:

Sprinkle over wet or dry food. Can be mixed 2/3 Maxi Joint, 1/3 water and dosed with a syringe daily.

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