Revolution Kitten 6% Pink 3 Pip picture

Revolution Kitten 6% Pink 3 Pip

R 340

Revolution - Treatment, control and prevention of flea infestations, flea allergy dermatitis, treatment and control of ear mites.


- Control of ticks.
- Treatment of lice.
- Prevention of heartworm.
- Intestinal hookworm and roundworm.
- Litter protection in puppies and kittens against flea and nematode infestations after birth.
- Dogs: Sarcoptic mange, intestinal roundworm.
- Apply topically 1 x per month.
- Do not use of puppies or kittens less than 6 weeks of age.
- Selamectin 6%, Selamectin 12% m/v

What's in the box
3 x Pipette

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