River Hound Detangler Blossom Keratin 250ml picture

River Hound Detangler Blossom Keratin 250ml

R 110

Product Details

RIVER HOUND™ Keratin Detangler Blossom spray can be used before, after or in between baths to add shine & lustre. Makes combing & brushing easier by coating the hair shaft making it silky smooth. Preventing knots & tangles. Paired with an exclusive scent!

Contains hydrating agents, keratin protein that nourish, moisturise & strengthen hair strands.


• Leaves hair feeling silky smooth.

• Makes combing & brushing easier.

• Exclusive “Blossom” fragrance.

• Contains Keratin Protein.

• Makes hair shiny with a healthy lustre.

• Easy to use between washes.

• Colourant free.

• Paraben free

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