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Rogz Utility H-Harness

R 117

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Harnesses are becoming more and more popular as dog owners discover the advantages they offer. Harnesses discourage pulling and allow you to stop your dog from jumping up on strangers without worrying about choking them.

The Rogz Highly Reflective Utility Range is both the black tie and the 4x4 of the Rogz range. Timeless and classic, hardy but cool. Never shaken - or stirred. The Utility Reflective Stitching H-Harness with its woven reflective threads stitched into high quality webbing has been designed for Strength, Durability and Safety. Straight-forward and durable with ultimate night time visibility.

Standard features include a locking Buckle, the ROG-LOC, the Fort Knox of side release buckles, ensures the buckle stays fastened even during the most boisterous games and all joins are box stitched for extra strength and a quality finish. Note, this gear needs to be turned inside out when operating in stealth mode as the reflective stitching is only found on one side. Fully Adjustable.

SMALL - Width 11mm | Harness 23 - 37cm

Yorkie, Pom, Maltese, Miniature Poodle, Chihuahua

MEDIUM - Width 16mm | Harness 32 - 52cm

Pug, Scotty, Jack Russel, Maltese Poodle, Terrier

LARGE - Width 20mm | Harness 45 - 75cm

Dalmation, Spaniel, Doberman, Boxer

X-LARGE - Width 25mm |Harness 60 - 100cm

Rottweiler, Bouvier, Ridgeback, Labrador

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