Rosewood pet cool mat - small picture

Rosewood Pet Cool Mat - Small

R 350

Save your dog from overheating this summer with a Chillax Cooling Mat. They are ideal for day to day use in beds, crates, kennels and to help your dog to stay comfortable when travelling in the car.

The Chillax Cooling Mat is pressure activated, and does not require water, electricity or refrigeration to work. It will stay cooler than the surrounding air temperature for 3-4 hours of constant use, recharging every time your dog moves.

  • Unique gel core which keeps pets cool and comfortable during hot summer days
  • Foldable, wipes clean and stores away easily
  • Can be inserted into any standard sized pet bed


  • 45 x 45cm Small
  • 50 x 65cm Medium
  • 70 x 91cm Large
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