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Seresto Collar For Dogs Lrg (8kg+)

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Seresto® is not your average flea and tick collar. It has been developed using a novel blend of materials, which means it can release active ingredients in controlled, very low doses – giving your dog up to 8 months of protection against fleas and ticks.


  • Seresto® flea and tick collar
    • Can be worn alongside dog’s normal collar and can be adjusted to fit any dog
  • Safety opening mechanism
    • Protects your dog by giving way in the unlikely event it gets caught
  • Innovative polymer matrix
    • Provides a controlled and low-dose release of active ingredients
  • Inner packaging
    • Protects active ingredients until you need to use Seresto®
  • Leaflet
    • Includes everything you need to know about Seresto®
  • Tin container
    • 100% recyclable

Seresto® is different from conventional flea and tick collars. It employs a novel blend of materials, enabling a safe, controlled, low dose release of active ingredients over 8 months. This provides excellent protection for your dog, not only killing fleas and ticks but also repelling ticks before they bite – which helps to protect your pet from the diseases these parasites can spread.

Today, most flea and tick treatments require monthly applications. With such busy personal and professional lives, it’s not surprising that many people find it difficult to remember when re-treatment is required. However, this often leads to dogs not being protected from the discomfort of fleas and tick – and more importantly, the diseases these parasites can transmit.

Seresto® now offers an easy solution to this problem by offering up to 8 months of protection with a single application. It’s a simple way to ensure you’re doing the right thing for your dog, while helping you keep fleas and ticks successfully under control.

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