Anibest eco clumping cat litter (4.5kg / 10l) picture

Anibest ECO Clumping Cat Litter (4.5kg / 10L)

R 202

An organic clumping litter made from natural wood fibres, Anibest is a natural wood clumping litter that combines the features of a powerful clumping litter with the benefits of a natural and sustainable product. Liquids and odours are effectively and permanently bound by the natural wood clumping litter. It functions like a natural germ and odour trap.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100% organic clumping litter
  • Absorbs up to 8 times its own weight
  • The cat litter tray remains clean and hygienic
  • No living trees were used in the production of this product
  • Anibest litter has no smell and functions like a natural germ and odour trap
  • Natural composition is biodegradable and allows for ecological composting
  • When in contact with liquid, the litter forms a compact clump that is easy to remove
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