BisKitty Salmon Treat 200g
BisKitty Salmon Treat 200g

BisKitty Salmon Treat 200g

R 65

We know how much you adore your kitty, and how much joy spoiling them brings you! 

We made it our mission, to create something for those special bonding moments, that is not just purr worthy but good for them too!

Our products are not loaded with unnecessary or empty calories, sodium, fillers, preservatives and other nasties! Each product was meticulously formulated and approved with the help of our painfully strict food scientists and a panel of picky felines!

  • Protein Rich Chrunch Treats
  • Soft and Shiny Coat
  • Strong Immune System
  • No Sugar Added
  • Taurine for Healthy Hearts & Eyes


Wheat flour, fish & fish derivatives, maize gluten, chicken fat, salt, brewer’s yeast, glycerin, soya lecithin, taurine, flavourants, Palatant.

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