Pets Elite Dehydrated Raw Food 2kg - Original

Pets Elite Dehydrated Raw Food 2kg - Original

R 420

“The goodness of raw food with the convenience of dry food” 

Contains pork.

“The goodness of raw food, with the convenience of dry food” really sums it up quite nicely. Essentially, our Dehydrated RAW food is an improved type of raw food because we provide an uncooked meat diet, which can be stored without freezing and served without the hassle of defrosting – therefore, fusing health and convenience into one nutritional product.

What makes Pets Elite Dehydrated Raw Food unique? Pets Elite Dehydrated Raw Food is made purely of raw meat, making it highly nutritious and easy to digest. How will your DOG’S life improve? 

  • Shinier coat
  • Cleans teeth and gums
  • Helps reduce aggressiveness & hyperactivity
  • Assists with fresher breath
  • Assists with muscle gain/fat loss.

How will YOUR life improve? 

  • Your dog’s eating pattern will change but simplify
  • Easy portion control
  • Highly nutritious food means smaller portions and less stool
  • Convenience without feeling guilty

The comfort and satisfaction of knowing that you are feeding your dog its ancestral diet on its own terms The Pets Elite Dehydrated Raw Food contains: 

  • No salt
  • No sugar
  • No gluten
  • No grain
  • No flavour enhancers

Portion Calculator

7g (food) x dog’s weight (in kg) = Food portion (in grams) calculator e.g. 7g x 20kg = 140g 

Switching over to the Dehydrated Raw Food: 

  • You can instantly switch to the new food.
  • If your dog has a sensitive stomach, you can wean your dog or slowly integrate the new food, although this is rarely necessary.

For more information and feeding guidelines, please search the following link:

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