Nutribyte Mother's Miracle

Nutribyte Mother's Miracle

R 635 - R 1,324

(Blank bag with label)

Every bag of Nutribyte Mother’s Miracle food contains primarily proteins, fats and carbohydrates that are easily digestible for increased milk production in nursing mother dogs and weaned puppies. The unique formula contains all the necessary nutrition to help new born puppies grow, whether they still nurse on their mothers or if they start eating on their own. The kibbles are easily rehydrateable and can be mixed with warm water to form an easy to eat porridge for small puppies that have few teeth to chew hard kibbles.Nutribyte Mother’s Miracle is specifically made for lactating bitches and contains enough calcium and phosphorus to allow for healthy milk production.

Guaranteed Analysis (%/kg)

Crude Protein30% (min)
Moisture10% (max)
Crude Fat18% (min)
Crude Fibre3.5% (max)
Crude Ash5.2% (max)
Calcium1.4% (max)
Phosphorus0.9% (min)
Omega 6 ratio2.8% (min)
Omega 3 ratio1.8% (min)
EPA & DHA0.5% (min)
Taurine1.25% (min)
Beta Glucan0.25% (min)
MOS & FOS1% (min)
Metabolizable energy455kcal/100g
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