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Nutribyte small/Medium Breed Puppy 4kg

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Every bag of Nutribyte Small to Medium Breed Puppy food contains only the highest quality digestible ingredients, vitamins & minerals and essential co-factors to ensure that your puppy grows at a healthy pace. Nutribyte Small to Medium Breed Puppy diet is formulated by a leading Veterinarian and an expert in Animal Nutrition using the latest in scientific research and has been strengthened with over 6 different co-factors to give your puppy only the best nutrition after weaning. By using exclusively imported protein sources and higher levels of rice, Nutribyte Small to Medium Breed Puppy diet can truly offer balanced growth in every Byte!

High Quality Carbohydrate Sources

Energy is fuel which enables the body to function. Needed for growth, reproduction, lactation and other bodily functions.

High Quality Protein Source

Proteins and amino acids are the building blocks for a healthy body. Proteins build and repair muscle tissue and hair.

Balanced Vitamins and Minerals

Needed for key metabolic functions, enzymes, optimal nerve function and electrolytic balance.

High Quality Fat Sources

Source of energy including Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat.

Bovine Free

Bovine proteins are hugely associated with skin allergies. Nutribyte uses a specialised oil coating, containing primarily chicken and ostrich fat along with essential vegetable oils. This blend is known as Prima Pet – Bovine Free (PPBF), contains more DHA & EPA levels and this may help with allergic skin reactions.

Meat-based proteins

Meat-based proteins, highly digestible carbohydrates like rice and animal-based fats & oils allow for optimal nutritional absorption.

Nutritional Information

Guaranteed Analysis (%/kg)

Crude Protein28% (min)Moisture10% (max)Total Fat14% (min)Crude Fibre3.5% (max)Crude Ash7% (max)Calcium1.4% (max)Phosphorus0.8% (min)Omega-6 fatty acids1.85% (min)Omega-3 fatty acids0.5% (min)EPA & DHA0.25% (min)Taurine1.25% (min)MOS & FOS1% (min)L-Carnitine500 mg/kgß-Glucan250 mg/kgGlucosamine250 mg/kg

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