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Regal Pet Stress And Anxiety Remedy (Beef)

R 95 - R 175

Regal Stress and Anxiety Remedy, with a delicious artificial beef flavour, has been specifically formulated with three effective herbs known for calming stressed, anxious and problem dogs. This herbal nerve tonic is beneficial for dogs prone to separation anxiety and problem behaviours (including barking, biting, aggression and hyperactivity). It can also be given to soothe nerves during stressful situations such as thunderstorms, fireworks or a car trip. A happy dog makes for a happy home!

How To Use

Regal’s Stress and Anxiety Remedy has been formulated with an artificial beef flavour to ensure administration is stress-free from both you and your dog!

Directions: Administer liquid directly into the mouth or place it into a bowl. If your dog has a fussy palate then simply add some of your dog’s favourite food or snack to the liquid such as pellets, milk or yoghurt.

Small dogs (1 – 4.5kg) take 2.5ml TWO TO THREE times a day
Small-medium dogs (5kg – 10kg) take 5ml TWO TO THREE times a day
Medium dogs (11kg – 20kg) take 7.5ml TWO TO THREE times a day
Large dogs (21kg and more) take 10ml TWO TO THREE times a day

For best results use strictly as per dosage recommendation. Use until symptoms clear or continue as needed.


NOT SUITABLE FOR CATS. Do not give to pregnant or lactating dogs. Safe for dogs 6 months and older. Do not administer if your dog suffers from anemia. Consult with your vet before administering this remedy should your dog be on blood thinning medication. If in doubt please contact your veterinary surgeon before using this product.

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