Salmon oil 100ml omega treats picture
Salmon oil 100ml omega treats picture

Salmon Oil 100ml Omega Treats

R 160

Salmon Facts

Salmon is considered an extremely high-quality source of protein, which is why many animal lovers consider this essential to their beloved canines.

Salmon contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids which is considered great for skin coat and joint health.  Highly beneficial for arthritis in senior dogs.

Amino Acids help with everything from building cartilage to regulating hormones.

Salmon is packed full of both Vitamin D and calcium making it an all-round nutrient-rich food for helping maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Salmon is considered a Brain Booster as it promotes healthy brain function which is great for developing puppies and dogs going a bit senile.

Ingredients:  100% pure Salmon Oil

‚ÄčOur 100% natural Salmon Oil is the perfect meal topper supplement.


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