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Vetmed Antimicrobial Eye Wash Liquid

R 140 - R 160

Antimicrobial Eye Wash for flushing, cleaning and maintenance of irritated or damaged eyes for all animals. Highly Effective and Safe for daily use VetMed Eye Wash is a unique non-stinging and soothing formulation that assists in the rinsing of dirt and debris, allergy relief for irritants such as mucous and pollen, reduce irritations such as burning or stinging as well as the cleaning of tear stains, restoring the fur surrounding the eye back to its natural original color.

  • Conjunctivitis relief
  • Clean discharge in and around the eyes
  • Cleaning of tear stains
  • Relieve irritation, itching and other allergy related symptoms in eyes
  • Pink Eye relief and cleaning
  • Effective cleaning and flushing of eyes

Directions for use
Use 2-4 drops of Vetmed Eye Wash and flush the affected eye/s gently. Repeat the process 2-4 times a day until condition is no longer visible. In the event of sores and damaged fur around the eye, apply Vetmed Eye Wash to a Cotton pad, gently wipe around the outer eye and affected area. No rinsing needed and safe to use around nose, ears, mouth and eyes. For daily maintenance flush once a day, or as and when needed.

Storage and handling
Keep out of direct sunlight and and in orginal container at room temperature.

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