Cat Toys

Petstages Hunt 'n Swat Treat Tumbler

  • TUMBLES & ROLLS: Keeps curious cats engaged by tumbling and rolling as cats bat and swat
  • EASY TO FILL: easy twist cap opens for easy refilling
  • ADJU…

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Swat 'n Treat Fairy Kicker


Outward Hound Cat Kickers address a cat's urges to "bunny-kick" push, play and hone their hunting skills. The center holds treats and has …

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Petstages Purr Pillow

The Purr Pillow by Petstages is a must have for any cat who gets separation anxiety, or just for one who loves to cuddle! This soft, cosy pillow has …

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Cat Toy Grumpy Cat Goldfish Ball Rosewood

Cats will have lots of fun with this Grumpy Goldfish Ball Cat Toy!

  • Cute grumpy goldfish ball cat toy
  • Made from high-quality materials and texture
  • Ideal …
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