Cat Hygiene

EcoProStain & Odour Remover Multi Pet 500ml picture

EcoPro Stain and Odour Eliminator is a fast-acting, revolutionary, bio-enzymatic cleaner that completely removes new and old pet stains and those ter…

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Footsack Dog & Cat Repellent 200ml picture

Footsack is a training aid for dogs and cats — designed as an aid to break pets of undesirable habits indoors (e.g. sleeping on furniture). Since Foo…

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Footsack Repellent Granules 500g picture

Footsack Repellent Granules are designed as an aid to break undesirable habits of pets outdoors (e.g. to stop pets raiding refuse bins) or to keep th…

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Bob Martin Traditional Cat Litter 5kg picture

Bob Martin® Traditional Cat Litter with Anti-Bacterial action kills 99% of bacteria, is longer lasting and super absorbent. It deodorises w…

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Bob Martin Anti Bacterial Cat Litter Crystals Lavender Scent 1.8kg picture

Try Bob Martin's felight anti bacterial crystals for your cat's litter. 

  • Non Toxic
  • Superior instant absorbency
  • Anti bacterial
Bob Martin Felight Fragranced Cat Litter 5kg picture

Bob Martins natural classic cat litter has less dust, superior clumping and absorbs moisture.

Regal Cat Litter Clumping Clay  5kg picture

Most litters are made of absorbent clay, which works very well considering that when ground to powder form, clay has a remarkable ability to absorb w…

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McPets Silica Gel Crystal Litter 3.6Kg picture

The litter is made from silica and is non-toxic to pets and humans.

Benefits of using Silicone Cat Litter Crystals:

  • Anti-bacterial & Hygienic
  • Dust-f…
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Kit Cat Soya Clump Cat Litter 2.8kg picture

Kit Cat Soya Clump Cat Litter can absorb up to 3 times more moisture than traditional clay and crystal litters. This unique product is made from…

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Stain & Odour Eliminator 500ml Dog Spray Sprogley picture

This professional strength formula of Sprogley Intense Stain and Odour Eliminator Cat breaks down organic cat messes and is safe around children…

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Anibest ECO Clumping Cat Litter (4.5kg / 10L) picture

An organic clumping litter made from natural wood fibres, Anibest is a natural wood clumping litter that combines the features of a powerful clumping…

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Cats Best Original Eco Cat Litter picture

Cat’s Best Original uses the power of technologically refined active wood fibres as a clumping litter. These are manufactured using the new ICS Wood …

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