Dog Hygiene

Pet Dent Toothbrush

A convenient finger-fitting toothbrush in a single pack. Use with Pet Dent Toothpaste or Pet Dent Oral Gel (sold separately).

Poop Bag Holder w/Bags 2x15 Sprogley

Compact refillable dispenser which contains 1 roll of bags in the dispenser, and 1 roll of refill bags. The Dispenser has a clip which attaches to most leashes.

Poop Bags Refill Green 4 x 15 bags Sprogley

Waste pick up refill bag. Tough 15 microns corn starch blend bag which reduces the impact standard bags have on the environment.

Earth Rated Leash Dispenser with 15 Bags

This Earth Rated green-coloured dispenser is a convenient holder for all standard-sized rolls and has an adjustable strap that allows it to atta…

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Puppy Training Spray 120ml Sprogley

Sprogley Puppy Training Spray for puppies and dogs is a scientifically formulated attractant to help train a puppy or a dog to urinate in an appropri…

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Pet Dent Tooth Paste 60g

Pet Dent Toothpaste is a malt-flavoured dental paste formulated especially for animals, suitable for use in dogs and cats for the prevention of mouth…

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Pet Dent Oral Gel 60g

Pet Dent Oral Gel should be used when tooth-brushing is difficult or impossible. It is a highly palatable flavoured gel, containing a powerful antiba…

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Sprogley Intense Dog Stain & Odour Eliminator Spray 500ml

Sprogley Intense Stain and Odour Eliminator Dog is made to break down and neutralises the odour and stain instead of covering them up, completely eli…

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Ricky Litchfield Complete Care Wipes

10 individually wrapped antibacterial wipes for skin care and grooming.

  • Wound care and hot spots – disinfects the wound and promotes healing
  • Bites, sti…
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EcoProStain & Odour Remover Multi Pet 500ml

EcoPro Stain and Odour Eliminator is a fast-acting, revolutionary, bio-enzymatic cleaner that completely removes new and old pet stains and those ter…

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Poop Bag Dispenser w/30 Bags Rosewood

Essential pet accessory. Easily clips onto a lead, belt or bag. Includes 30 bags. 160x95x50mm

Shoo-Fly Spray Dogs 200ml

Shoo-Fly Spray repels midges, biting flies and other nuisance flies which may be a source of irritation for dogs or horses. Also repels fleas and tic…

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